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-What is included in the price?

The price includes set-up, delivery, and pick up of all equipment and party supplies for a one-calendar day rental.


​- Is there a delivery charge/fee?

We do charge for delivery outside of Fairview, TN. Please check the delivery fees under the delivery section


- What are the accepted payment methods?

            We accept Cash, Credit Car (3.5% fee),  Venmo or CashApp


- Do I need to reserve the article that I want to rent?

When you make your reservation, you will have a better guarantee that it will be available for your event. For same day rentals, contact us for availability and delivery. There is no cancellation fee do too bad weather or extenuating circumstances.


Is a deposit required for renting?

For your convenience we do not require a deposit. We trust in your good faith and appreciate if you do want to cancel our reservation you do it ahead of time so that we can offer our units to someone else.


-What is your cancellation policy?

We trust in the integrity and honesty of our customers and we do not have a cancellation charge. We do understand that sometimes there is bad weather or unexpected events that occur; we appreciate that you notify us with anticipation.

- What do I do if the weather gets worse during my event?

Here in Nashville, we have sudden storms that come. If this happens during your event, please make sure that all the guests are off and outside of the inflatable, turn off the blower and deflate the inflatable. Once the rain and wind have passed, please turn on the blower fan. Once the inflatable is fully inflated, have an adult use a towel to dry off the jumping surface to make sure no one is injured on a slippery surface. Please keep in mind that wind speeds higher than 15 mph are not safe conditions to have an inflatable in use. Please deflate if high winds occur

​- How long does the rental last?

All rentals are by event. If your event is in the morning, we will install in the morning and pick it up in the afternoon. But if your event is in the afternoon we can install after 12:00 PM and pick it up the next day if you prefer. We will be as flexible as possible when scheduling these times to make delivery and pick up as convenient as possible for you.

- Where can I install an inflatable?

The size of the area needed will be based on the inflatable you select. Size details are listed with each inflatable’s details. This area just needs to be as flat as possible and cleared of sticks, rocks, toys, or any other objects, including pet droppings. There should also not be any low overhanging branches, rooftops, or any other coverings.

If you think your backyard won’t work, consider your front yard or driveway.

Inflatables can also be set up at parks, in parking lots, and even indoors (such as a gymnasium), as long as the ceiling is tall enough.


​- Do you provide someone to supervise the inflatable?

The renter is responsible for inflatable supervision


​- What am I responsible for?

There must be an adult, age 18 or older, at the delivery appointment. As the renter, you are responsible for ensuring an adult is there to supervise individuals on the equipment any time it is inflated. Operating and safety instructions will be reviewed at the delivery appointment. You are also responsible for the care of the equipment. Please review the rental agreement for full contract details.

-Do I need a generator?

All that is needed for any of our rentals is a standard electrical outlet within 100 feet of the setup area. If there is not an electrical outlet within 100 feet, a generator can be provided for an additional fee.


-How many kids can be on an inflatable at one time?

The number of kids who can safely play on an inflatable at one time depends on the size of the inflatable and the ages of the kids. The range can be anywhere from 3-10 children. Please see details listed with the inflatable of your choice for specifics.

-Can I pick up the inflatable I have reserved?

No. We schedule delivery and pick up times for each event 2 days prior to your scheduled date.  We will be as flexible as possible when scheduling these times to make delivery and pick up as convenient as possible for you.


-Have a question not answered here?
Please call or text 615 596 6568 to ask your question
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